Asics Gel Arata

Asics Gel Arata

Major features of Asics Gel Arata gore-tex walking shoes for women are IGS impact guide system, dual density midsoles and Gel system for fore and rearfoot.

All features of Asics Gel Arata g-tex are listed below. Take a look.
  • Waterproof shoes for walking in any outdoor surface.
  • P.H.F system which helps to fit the shoes according  to the shape of the shoe wearer.
  • GEL system which provides adequate cushioning while walking.
  • DUOMAX technology which provides different density midsole materials for enhanced stability, stability and comfort.
  • Midsole is made of Solyte material which gives extra durability and shock absorption.
  • IGS impact system helps to perform walking in natural manner and high tech IGS are built to provide natural gait while walking.
  • Colors – Black
  • Price  is aroung $100.
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