Best Walking Shoes

Best Walking Shoes

Do you know which exercise provides more health benefits with less investment in equipment? Yes, It is Walking. Simple walking in proper shoes has enormous health benefits, read on to learn how to find the most suitable shoes for you.

List of Best Selling Walking Shoes for Men

  • MBT Sini Casual Walking Shoe – Rating 4/5
  • New Balance MW927 Health Walking Shoe – 4.5/5
  • Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoe – 4.5/5
  • MBT Tariki walking shoes – 4/5
  • ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo Walking Shoe – 4/5
  • Rockport Encounter 2 Walking shoe – 4/5

List of Best Selling Walking Shoes for Women

  • Skechers LIV-Smart Sneaker – 4/5
  • MBT Sport 2 Walking Shoe – 4.5/5
  • New Balance WW1442 Rock & Tone Shoe – 4/5
  • FitFlop Supertone Lace-Up Toning Sneaker – 4.5/5
  • Skechers Shape Ups – 4.5/5
  • New Balance WW811 Lace-up – 4.5/5
Best walking shoes provides you better comfort, flexibility and stability. So you should do proper research before buying new pair of walking shoes. Selection of walking shoes which gives you extra comfort and benefits is worth an investment of time

Here are some of the best tips for buying best walking shoes from stores:


  • Always know the foot types of yours before going to store buying shoes, this will helps you to ask for specific shoe according to your foot type.
  • Light weighted shoes are best for walking.
  • Buy only shoes which fit you and provide you good comfort, do not expect that walking shoes will have break in period
  • Buy walking shoes from athletic store , rather than from a general store. Sales people in athletic store have more knowledge about walking shoes.
  • Visit big stores which have more choices, it will helps you to try shoes of many companies and types.
  • Buying shoes in the evening is better than any other time because feet will be swelled in evening.
  • Always try shoes before buying shoes. Online purchase is a big no while purchasing shoes.
  • Do not walk with shoes that have used more than 400 miles, bad shoes can affect your comfortable walking and may results in feet injury. So always use good shoes.
  • People with low arched feet should buy shoes with extra cushioning.
Walking is really a beneficial exercise if you have proper pair of comfortable best walking shoes, so buy it wisely!


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