Discover The Top 10 Common Walking Injuries And How To Prevent Them

There are 10 common walking injuries that a person may experience while hiking or taking a walk in the park. The good news is that they can be prevented when some simple precautionary measures are taken. Below are examples of these incidents and how to prevent them from occurring or mitigating their severity when they happen.
When people walk or hike for long periods, they normally develop blisters. This type of injury normally occurs when the feet are exposed to high temperature and moisture. This may occur when rainwater is absorbed into the shoes or when the feet sweat a lot. Wearing socks that wick the dampness away from your feet can prevent this injury from occurring.
Spraining is a very common injury that may occur when a person is hiking or simply taking a walk. The best way to avoid this injury is not to jump on stairs or cliffs. Taking the weight off the sprained joint is the best way to deal with this injury.
Shin splints are also very prevalent. They normally occur when a person is starting a walk or strolling program. Trying to overdo the walk program might also cause this problem. The best way to increase speed or start the fitness program is gradually. Start slow and then increase your speed with time to prevent this type of injury.
Plantar fasciitis is a very painful injury. Overstretching or bruising connective tissues in the feet is the main cause of this problem. A person who has this type of injury will experience a painful sensation at the bottom of the feet early in the morning when getting out of bed. Placing a bag of ice on the affected area for 15 minutes after a walk will reduce the severity of the injury.
Other problems that feature in the top 10 common walking injuries include Achilles tendon tears, hip bursitis, calf muscle strains, foot and ankle fractures and hamstring strains. Dog bites are also very prevalent in some areas. Walking is very beneficial to the body and soul, so you should look for ways of preventing these injuries from occurring in order to stay healthy.


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