The Best Leather Walking Shoes That Go The Distance

The Best Leather Walking Shoes That Go The Distance

As glamorous and striking as they look, stilettos are obviously not the best leather walking shoes to own. Even the pretty leather beauties with the famous red soles and huge price tag would not last on a long day of shopping. Sorry, Mr. Christian Louboutin. Comfort is one of the most important reasons for buying leather shoes that will see a lot of mileage.
Do your feet ache after a few minutes of wearing them? Do you have to break the shoes in? Have you formed any blisters since slipping into them? if the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the shoes aren’t suitable for lots of healthy walking.
Next, the shoe’s design and material itself, speak volumes. Leather is essential for durability and lasts longer than a pair of vegan or faux leather shoes. Leather also offers better breathability than non-leather walking shoes, and it offers ‘stretch’ for comfort, and sweats less. Leather seems to provide better support to legs and joints. Also extremely key, is the padding or cushioning the walking shoes feature. Excellent arch support is needed for feet that plan on gaining some mileage, day in and day out.
Another huge consideration is the fit, because if the shoe isn’t properly aligned with the shape and size of your foot, then the shoe won’t go the distance. A wise podiatrist once said that the wrong shoes would make your day miserable. Here are some tips to find your best leather walking shoes: Have your feet measured by a professional footwear fitter. A two-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler or Brannok device, can give you the true size. Also, discuss any problem you have with your feet to a podiatrist, so that recommendations can be made to help you deal with conditions like plantar fasciitis, or corns, bunions, and more. Then get out there, lace up, and do some serious walking!


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