Walk a Mile In her Shoes- Making a Difference in the Fight Against Sexual Violence

Walk a Mile In her Shoes- Making a Difference in the Fight Against Sexual Violence


Making a Difference in the Fight Against Sexual Violence

“Walk a Mile In Her Shoes”, is an outreach and awareness program geared towards ending sexual violence. Each year “Walk a mile in her shoes”, reaches millions of people, increases awareness and raises funds to help stop rape, incest and gender violence across the globe. Rape and sexual abuse is one of the leading causes for trauma in this country. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women is sexually abused in her lifetime. The effects of sexual violence are vast and reach all areas of America. While many people are unaware of the women that are victims of these horrible acts, the truth is these women are everywhere and usually in the lives of every person. While they may be silent, they are ever present in staggering numbers. These often silent victims are: friends, neighbors, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and co-workers of almost every person in the world.
The “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” outreach allows men to participate in ending sexual violence against women. Here they can make a stand, get others involved, raise awareness, be supportive and raise funds for women who have suffered from the destructive acts of sexual abuse.
For those who wish to get involved there are a few ways. Organizing a walk on a local level is one way to help. These walks playfully allow men to “Walk a mile in her shoes” literally, as men take donations and then wearing women’s shoes walk a mile for the cause.
Official walk shoes, walk gear and signage, is available and encouraged to be used for all “Walk a mile in Her shoes” events. Using the store for walking gear is a great way to financially support the effort, and makes a great appearance for the press during the walk. Men can make a stand, and they can make a difference in outreach, awareness and in fundraising. “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” is designed to give men power to help women feel their support. This wonderful initiative allows men to make a public stand against the sexual violence that permeates the world of girls and women across the globe. This program is an excellent way for men to tell society, that enough is enough. Through positive awareness campaigns like “Walk a mile in her Shoes”, men can and do make a difference.



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